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Personalization marketing platform Persoo

It is based on quality data. We track visitor behavior on the site and create visitor profiles with full knowledge of the preferences and current interests. One customer has only one profile regardless of how many browsers and devices used. We use these data to personalize web sites and campaigns. Also for enrichment of CRM, chat apps or call-center databases. Persoo contains Product analytics , Customer behavior browser, AB testing or Product XML feed tool. We use the latest cloud technologies and algorithms, machine learning, advanced web tracking.

Product recommendation

Persoo uses self-learning algorithms and based on customer behavior plus product database analysis it shows personilized offers, all automated and real-time.

Personalized emailing

Persoo automaticly sends right content in right time, personalized for each customer based on activities and preferences. Uses advanced targetting options like RFM metrics, Life time value and more …

How does Persoo work?

Persoo analyzes customer data, and automatically creates customer profiles.
Afterward, Persoo displays relevant personalized offers and triggers marketing actions that increase sales.

Recognizes customers

Collects data about customers and creates customer profiles containing browsing and purchase history, search-engine behavior, interest (or disinterest) in given products and categories, tracks demographic data, action efficiency, key segments and other significant data.

Makes smart decisions

Decides about the most appropriate offer for a specific client. Persoo picks the right product, point or advert and recognizes the right moment to provide this information to the client in order to influence the purchase.

Sells actively

Edits the contents of the web pages in real-time, displays targeted adverts, sends e-mails, starts a chat, helps with orientation or finding popular products or passes the key information to call center.

What does Persoo offer?

Persoo brings along much more than just improved conversion rate or increased profit. It provides comfortable purchase experience, and saves the customer’s time. As a result, they are happy to come back.

Higher conversion and profit

Persoo increases conversion rates by up to 30%, click-through rate by up to 12 times, efficiency of e-mails by up to 80% and the average purchase value up to 40%.

Marketing automatisation

Process automatisation, targeted and efficient actions for which you have not yet had time.

Intelligent e-mail

Enriches your customer database and sends e-mails with relevant content at the appropriate time.

Real-time online marketing

Persoo works online, directly at the time when the customer is on a page. Therefore, Persoo knows when it is the right time to influence decision making.

Proactive offers

Actively tracks and evaluates customers and their decision making and adjusts the offer at the right time for the purchase.

User experience

Thanks to combinations of personalizing features you can transform the purchase process into a more pleasant experience for your customers.

Customer satisfaction

You can display relevant information and provide the right offers so that your customers will feel comfortable, which increases the popularity of the e-shop.

Better orientation

Pointing out the products, favorite menu and orientation boxes bring orientation, purchase and return easier.

Improved customer retention

Thanks to regular and well-targeted e-mails you can stay in touch with your customers and encourage them to visit the e-shop regularly. Customers can track current offers or news.

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